2018-19 Committees

revised 6-Nov 18


Curriculum Committee

Mission and Purpose

The Curriculum Committee is a campus level committee and subcommittee of the Fullerton College Faculty Senate, with representation from each division, and resource members from the college community.  The CC is charged with facilitating curriculum development and approving curriculum proposals at Fullerton College, as well as general education, graduation, and other curricular policies, procedures, and requirements.

The committee assists faculty with creating course and program proposals and revisions that reflect the excellence of instruction at Fullerton College, comply with Title 5 requirements, and have the best opportunity to be supported at all levels of the approval process through the Board of Trustees and the State Chancellor’s Office.

The committee reviews, approves and/or disapproves modifications of existing curricula and the addition of new courses and programs at FC.  In addition, the committee adds, deletes and modifies curricula and approves courses for general education lists for California State University, University of California, Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), and Fullerton College Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Sciences (AS) degrees.

The curriculum is the major statement any institution makes about itself, about what it can contribute to the intellectual development of students, about what it thinks is important in its teaching service to society. (The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 1979)

California’s community college reform bill (AB 1725) assigned to faculty the “primary responsibility for making recommendations in the areas of curriculum and academic standards.”  The Fullerton College Curriculum Committee has been responsible for this function since 1990.


Elected by the Faculty Senate for a three-year term.


First, third and fifth Wednesdays, 1:30P.


Curriculum Committee Chair (non-voting)

Ten Faculty Senate Elected Representatives:  One faculty member from each division


Jennifer Combs                       Chair (non-voting)                                          2017-20

Gary Graves                            Faculty Senate/Bus/CIS                                  2016-19

Jon-Michael Hattabaugh       Faculty Senate/Couns                                    2017-20

Frank Guthrie                         Faculty Senate/Fine Arts                                2016-19

John Ison                                 Faculty Senate/Hum                                       2015-18

Monique Delatte Starkey     Faculty Senate/Lib                                          S2019-2021

Abraham Romero Hernandez  Faculty Senate /Math/CS                          S2019-2021

Guy Dadson                            Faculty Senate/Nat Sci                                   2016-19

Sean Shiel                                Faculty Senate/PE                                          2015-18

Kelly Nelson-Wright               Faculty Senate/Soc Sci                                   2015-18

George Bonnard                     Faculty Senate/Tech/Eng                              2017-20

Resource Members

Doug Benoit                            Dean, Bus/CIS

Mark Greenhalgh                   Dean, Math/CS

Stewart Kimura                       Matriculation Officer

Scott Lee                                  Articulation Officer

Scott McKenzie                       Dean, Technology & Engineering

José Ramón Núñez                Vice President of Instruction

Marwin Luminarias               Curriculum Specialist

Laurie Triefenbach                Catalog & Schedule

Nicol Tushla                            Admissions & Records

TBD                                          Associated Students

Program Review Committee

Mission and Purpose

Formed by the Faculty Senate in fall 2010, the Program Review Committee promotes and supports the systematic self-assessment of instructional programs, student support services, and administrative/operational areas throughout the college.  To that end, the Program Review Committee designs self-study documents, reads and evaluates the self-studies and provides feedback to writers.  A key purpose for the committee is to identify common themes found across the various program reviews.  The college themes identified by the committee are presented to Faculty Senate for ratification, forwarded to the President’s Advisory Council (PAC) for endorsement and used to inform the campus process of developing college goals.  The Program Review Committee provides both the identified themes as well as a complete list of requested resources.  As part of a continuous quality improvement process, the committee engages in ongoing review and revision of templates and processes associated with Program Review.  Members shall serve staggered terms (when feasible) with one half the committee elected / appointed /selected new for each program review cycle.  The Program Review Committee reports to the Faculty Senate.


Elected by and from the voting Committee Members.  The chair receives 6.0 units of reassign time.


As determined by the Committee Members:  2nd and 4th Thursdays 3:00-4:30P.


Faculty representatives from each division

Four management representatives

Four classified professionals representatives

Voting Members

Barry McCarthy                                    Faculty/Bus/CIS                                     2018-21

Ruth Sipple                                           Faculty/Couns                                        2016-19

Todd Smith                                           Faculty/Fine Arts                                    2016-19

Katie King                                              Faculty/Hum                                          2016-19

Jane Ishibashi                                       Faculty/Lib                                              2016-19

Debbie McQueen                                 Faculty/Math/CS                                    2017-20

Cal Young                                              Faculty/Nat Sci                                       2018-21

Connie Carroll                                      Faculty/PE                                               2018-21

Aline Gregorio                                      Faculty/Soc Sci                                       2015-19

Kelly Robertson (chair)                        Faculty/Tech/Eng                                  2013-16

Doug Benoit                                         Dean, Bus/CIS

Lisa Campbell                                       Dean, Couns

Pilar Ellis                                                Manager, ISP

David Grossman                                  Dean, PE

Sharon Kelly                                         Classified Professional

Dawnmarie Neate                               Classified Professional

VACANT                                                 Classified Professional

VACANT                                                 Classified Professional

Resource Members

Carlos Ayon (Director, Institutional Research & Planning), Gil Contreras (Vice President of Student Services), José Ramón Núñez (Vice President of Instruction), Rodrigo Garcia (Vice President of Administrative Services)

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the SLOA Committee is to nurture a culture of improvement by facilitating student learning outcomes assessment methods across the institution, facilitating ongoing collegiality, and promoting self-reflective dialogue.  The purpose of assessing student outcomes is to improve teaching, learning, and academic advising at the individual, course, program, and institutional level.  The SLOA Committee will develop and recommend the campus-wide process for the implementation and assessment of SLOs at the course, program, and institutional level.  A College Coordinator is responsible for chairing the committee and in concert with the Vice President, Instruction overseeing that the functions of the SLOA Committee are met.  Through their division representatives, the SLOA Committee supports faculty in SLO development, assessment, analysis of data, and the promotion of reflective dialog that drives the use of assessment data to support improvement of student learning.

Chair (College SLOA Coordinator)

Elected by Faculty Senate, the SLO Chair/Coordinator currently receives 6 units of reassigned time. The chair-elect receives three units of reassigned time in the fall semester and then receives six units of reassigned time as the newly elected chair thereafter.


In order to accommodate all schedules, the monthly meetings are divided into two parts:  The 2nd Fri of every month, 12-1P and the following Tue 1:30-2:30P.


11 Faculty Senate elected representatives and a College SLOA Coordinator (non-voting). One faculty from each Division and faculty representation can split by semester.  SLO Division Representatives are SLO Committee members and receive one unit of reassigned time.

Voting Members

Name                                                    Division represented                                      Term

George Bonnand (chair)                    Faculty/Bus/CIS                                                2017-19

Behnoosh Armani                              Faculty/Couns                                                   2017-19

Stephen Klippenstein                        Faculty/Fine Arts                                               2017-19

Jon Ison                                                Faculty/Hum                                                      2017-19

Jill Kageyama                                       Faculty/Lib                                                         2017-19

Caleb Petrie                                         Faculty/Math/CS                                               2018-20

Mike Baker / Brad Dawson               Faculty/Nat Sci                                                  2017-19

Alix Plum                                              Faculty/PE                                                          2017-19

Elisabeth Burke                                   Faculty/Soc Sci (co-rep)                                   2018-20

Matthew Tribbe                                  Faculty/Soc Sci (co-rep)                                   2018-20

Wendy Perez                                       Faculty/Tech/Eng                                             2017-19

Resource Members

Carlos Ayon Director (Director of Institutional Research & Planning), José Ramón Núñez (Vice President, Instruction), Marwin Luminarias (Curriculum Specialist)


Distance Education Advisory Committee

Mission and Purpose

DEAC defines a common vision for distance education at the College.  It establishes goals and charts the coordinated implementation of distance learning across the campus.  In addition, DEAC positions the College to respond most effectively and efficiently to growth in demand and to the rapidly changing technological opportunities within the field of e-learning.  Among DEAC’s goals are to:  1) increase student success and retention, 2) establish a comprehensive program for student learning outcome assessment (SLOA) in distance education (DE) courses, 3) increase student access, 4) establish a permanent DE Director and Instructional Technology Center, 5) increase faculty training in DE methods, technologies, and assessment practices, 6) increase student support and training for application to DE classes, 7) ensure and maintain the academic rigor of the DE curriculum, 8) ensure and maintain academic integrity.


Roger Perez, 2017-19




Voting Members

Barry McCarthy                                   Faculty/Bus/CIS                                   2018-20

Queen Peterson                                  Faculty/Couns                                     2018-20

Tim Espinoza                                       Faculty/Fine Arts                                 2018-20

Lina Callahan                                       Faculty/Hum                                        2018-20

Lugene Rosen                                      Faculty/Lib                                           2017-19

Tim Cobler                                           Faculty/Math/CS                                  2017-19

Rita Higgins                                          Faculty/Nat Sci                                     2018-20

Ed Rapp                                                Faculty/PE                                             2017-19

Tracy Guild                                           Faculty/Soc Sci                                     2017-19

Jordan Maxwell                                   Faculty/Tech/Eng                                 2017-18

Marcus Wilson                                    Faculty/At-large                                    2017-19

Roger Perez                                         Faculty/At-large                                    2017-19

Dale Craig                                            Faculty/At-large                                    2017-19


Institutional Research and Effectiveness Committee

Mission and purpose

This committee is related to the Accreditation Standard IV.A.5 as of September 2017:

IV.A.5. The role of leadership and the institution’s governance and decision-making structures and processes are regularly evaluated to assure their integrity and effectiveness. The institution widely communicates the results of these evaluations and uses them as the basis for improvement.

as well as to the ongoing implementation of AB1725 (participatory governance).

The purpose of this committee is to provide the Faculty Senate with a tool to research and evaluate the effectiveness of decision-making at Fullerton College and at the District. At the direction of the Faculty Senate this committee will undertake a review and analysis of some existing or proposed decision making process and prepare a report to be submitted to the Senate. Since Faculty can only make recommendations as part of the decision making process, by necessity most processes investigated by IREC will include Faculty, Administrators, and Classified personnel. The ultimate “deciders” are the Trustees and their representatives on campus, such as the College President.

The report created by this committee would include the following:

* A description of the current decision making process

* An analysis of the effectiveness of the current decision making process

* A recommendation to the Faculty Senate for changes to the current decision making process

Potential tasks for the committee:

* Faculty Allocation Process

* Enrollment Management Process

* Technology Allocation Process

* College and District Budget development and allocation process

* College grant and program allocation processes

* other processes and practices the Senate requests the IREC committee to review


Elected by the voting committee members for a 2-year term.


4th Fri, 10-11A (President’s Conference Room-B)


10 faculty representatives (1 per division), 3 at-large faculty members, 3 management reps.

Voting members

Dale Craig (Chair)                                    Faculty/At-large (Bus/CIS)          2018-20

Donna Sayed                                           Faculty/Bus/CIS                            2018-20

Nick Arman                                              Faculty/Couns                              2018-20

Megan Debin                                           Faculty/Fine Arts                          2017-19

Pamela Dunsmore                                  Faculty/Hum                                 2017-19

VACANT                                                    Faculty/Lib                                     2017-19

Dana Clahane                                          Faculy/Math/CS                            2018-20

Iris Rauda                                                 Faculty/Nat SCi                             2017-19

Ann Doty                                                  Faculty/PE                                      2016-18

Brian Lopez                                              Faculty/Soc Sci                              2017-19

Jay Seidel                                                  Faculty/Tech/Eng                         2018-20

Andrew Bridges                                       Faculty/At-large (Soc Sci)            2018-20

Toni Nielson                                             Faculty/At-large (Hum)               2017-19

Phat Truong                                             Faculty/At-large (Bus/CIS)           2018-20

Resource members

Carlos Ayon (Director, Office of Institutional Research and Planning, José Ramón Núñez (Vice President of Instruction), Gil Contreras (Vice President of Student Services), VACANT (Classified Professional), VACANT (Associated Students representative)

Role of the committee

This committee is a standing Faculty Senate committee.


Honors Program Advisory Committee

Mission and Purpose

Formed in 1996 as a campus-level committee to provide advisement to the Faculty Senate, the Honors Program Advisory Committee oversees the activities of the Fullerton College Honors Program;  works with Deans to select faculty teaching honors courses and to schedule honors classes;  screens students participating in the Honors Program;  develops visiting lecturer and similar programs;  develops additional honors courses; certifies transfer honors students to four-year institutions;  and develops and monitors honors membership and transfer contacts.


Designated as Honors Program Coordinator


Third Thursdays, 1:30-3:30P, Room 822 or 820-P


Honors Program Coordinator

Faculty Senate representatives from each division, with at-large positions for vacancies

Voting Members

Jodi Balma                                         Honors Program Coordinator

Courtney Jane                                   Faculty/Bus/CIS                                   2017-19

Ana Tovar                                          Faculty Senate/Couns                        2018-20

Jaime Perez                                       Faculty/Fine Arts                                 2018-20

Darren Chiang-Schultheiss             Faculty/Hum                                       2018-20

Jill Kageyama                                    Faculty/Lib                                           2018-20

Kara Pham                                        Faculty/Math/CS                                 2018-20

Colleen Kvaska                                 Faculty/Nat Sci                                    2018-20

Lisa Bassi                                          Faculty/PE                                            2018-20

Kelly Nelson-Wright                        Faculty/Soc Sci                                     2017-19

Jay Seidel                                          Faculty/Tech/Eng                                 2018-20

Resource Members

Cecilia Arriaza (Transfer Center), Scott Lee (Articulation Officer), Amber Nguyen (Associated Students), Monica Martin (Office of Special Programs), Dani Wilson (Dean, Library/LRISPS)



Student Equity Committee

Mission and Purpose

The Student Equity Committee develops and recommends policies, programs and strategies that promote equity in student success, retention, degree/certificate completion and transfer as outlined in the Fullerton College Student Equity Plan.


Faculty chair elected by and from the voting committee members. There may be co-chairs elected by and from the voting committee members.


2nd and 4th Thursdays, 1:00-2:30P.  Location TBD.


10 Faculty representatives, one per division.  2 at-large faculty reps.  2 Management reps.  2 Classified professional reps.  2 Associated Students reps.  Any division who does not fill their seat after two elections will lose their seat to an at-large position for one year.

Voting Members

Cristina Arellano-Duenas                     Faculty/Couns (Co-Chair)                 2018-20

Ming Scott                                               Faculty/Bus/CIS                                2018-20

Carla Falb                                                Faculty/Fine Arts                              2018-20

Patricia Gomes                                      Faculty/at-large (formerly Lib)        2018-20

Rene Price                                              Faculty/Math/CS                               2018-19

Spiros Dimitratos                                  Faculty/Nat Sci                                  2016-18

Perry Webster                                        Faculty/PE                                          2018-19

Amber Gonzalez                                    Faculty/Soc Sci                                  2018-20

Wendy Perez                                          Faculty/Tech/Eng                              2018-20

Sylvia Pimentel                                       Faculty/At-large (Couns)                 2018-20

Ula Matavao                                           Faculty/At-large (Couns)                  2018-19

Mark Greenhalgh                                  Mgr/Dean, Math/CS (Co-Chair)

Jennifer LaBounty                                 Mgr/Director, EOPS

Chuck Helms                                         Classified/Academic Support Center

VACANT                                                  Mgr

Leyah Mukasa-Wilson                         Associated Students                         2017-18

Troy Plummer                                      Associaed Students                           2017-18

Resource Members

Cecilia Arriaza (Director of the Cadena Transfer Center), Carlos Ayon (Director of Institutional Research and Planning), DeRod Taylor (Umoja), VACANT                           (Veterans Resource Center), José Ramón Núñez (Vice President of Instruction), Deb Perkins (Director, Student Equity), Rena Martinez Stluka (Registrar), Ruth Sipple (Disability Support Services), Dani Wilson (Dean, Library/LRISPS)


General Education Advisory Committee

(Suspended by Faculty Senate on 6-Sep 2018.)

Mission and Purpose

A subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee, the General Education Advisory Committee monitors the Fullerton College AA/AS General Education List and makes recommendations to the Curriculum Committee for possible changes.  The Curriculum Committee then acts on the recommendations.  General Education additions, revision and deletions remain the purview of the Curriculum Committee.


Chair of the Curriculum Committee (3-year term)


Twice a year or as needed.  The Committee will report to the Curriculum Committee each year before April 1.


4 Faculty representatives (including one Counselor), 2 voting members of the Curriculum Committee recommended to the Faculty Senate, 2 At-Large faculty, Articulation Officer

Voting Members

Jennifer Combs (Chair)                                                                                       2016-19

Nick Arman                                           At-large (Couns)                                   2016-18 (replace with one seat Spring 18)

Heather Halverson                              At-large (Couns)                                   2016-18 (replace with one seat Spring 18)

Caleb Petrie                                          At-large (Math/CS)                              2017-19

Gary Graves                                          Curr Comm (Bus/CIS)                         2017-19

John Ison                                               Curr Comm (Hum)                              2017-19

Scott Lee                                                Articulation Officer                            2016-18

Resource Members

Stewart Kimura (Matriculation Officer), VACANT (Associated Students rep)


Student Success and Support Committee

Mission and Purpose

Formerly the Matriculation Committee, the SSSC was formed to provide faculty input concerning the implementation of matriculation guidelines from the Department of Education.  The Committee provides advisement to College administration on matriculation issues and makes decision on the implementation of matriculation guidelines from the California Department of Education.  The Committee makes decisions and advises on issues such as the waivers of course prerequisites, mandatory versus advisory placement testing and changes in the new student orientation evaluations.


Designated as the Matriculation Coordinator.


As needed on Thursdays at 1:30P.


5 Faculty Senate representatives (1 each from ESL, Reading, Basic Skills, English, 1 At-Large), 4 Counselors, 4 Management reps, 1 Classified professional rep, 1 Associated Students rep

Voting Members

Stewart Kimura (Chair)                Matriculation Coordinator

Danielle Fouquette                      Faculty/English                     2016-18

Amy Garcia                                    Faculty/Reading                   2016-18

Elizabeth Gaitajis                          Faculty/ESL                           2016-18

Bridget Kominek                          Faculty/Basic Skills               2017-19

Susan Vincent                               Faculty/At-large                    2016-18

Flor Huerta                                    Couns

Linda Kelly-Mandich                    Couns

Karyn Nguyen                               Couns

Sunshine Vidal                              Couns

Albert Abutin                                 Mgr/Dean, A&R

Lisa Campbell                                Mgr/Dean, Couns

Dr. Edward Roth                           Mgr/Dean, DSS

VACANT                                          Mgr

Greg Menchaca                            Classified rep

Ginny Sanchez                             EOPS

VACANT                                         AS rep

Resource Member:  Scott Lee, Articulation Officer

Faculty Allocation Committee

Mission and Purpose

The purpose of the Faculty Allocation Committee is to prioritize faculty hires according to campus-wide needs.  When new positions are allocated, this committee will review the requests of all divisions submitted to the committee by the Deans’ Council and will submit a prioritized list to the College President.


Elected by and from the voting committee members for a two-year term.


On an as-needed basis.  This committee will meet when the College President makes a request of the Faculty Senate President to convene the committee.  The committee may also be asked to meet with the College President when the College President requires additional input from the committee concerning the committee’s decisions.


10 Faculty Senate Representatives, one from each Division, two year terms.  Half are elected each year.  Terms listed are calendar years, not academic years.

Voting Members

Marcus Wilson (Chair)                   Faculty/Bus/CIS                   2018-19

Citlally Santana                              Faculty/Couns                      2018-19

Michael Scott                                  Faculty/Fine Arts                 2017-18

Brandon Floerke                            Faculty/Hum                        2017-18

Joe Carrithers                                 Sub for Brandon F./Hum   2018

Monique Delatte Starkey             Faculty/Lib                            2018-19

Greg Nguyen                                  Faculty/Math/CS                  2017-18

Mike Baker                                     Faculty/Nat Sci                      2017-18

Pete Snyder                                   Faculty/PE                              2017-18

Gina Bevec                                     sub for Pete S./PE                2018

Arnetta Smith                                Faculty/Soc Sci                      2018-19

Jay Seidel                                        Faculty/Tech/Eng                 2017-18

Joint Faculty Senate / President’s Advisory Council

Basic Skills Committee

Mission and Purpose

The Basic Skills Committee was created by mutual agreement between the President and the Faculty Senate to oversee the implementation on campus of the statewide Basic Skills Initiative (BSI), which provides a budget and regional support system for improving student success in ESL and the basic skills areas of Math, Reading and Writing.  The BSC recommends how to disseminate BSI funds most effectively to impact student success in these basic skills areas and works to coordinate instructional, Academic Support and Student Services efforts.  The committee’s mission also includes increasing campus awareness of and commitment to student success in basic skills.  The committee reports to the Faculty Senate and the President’s Advisory Council.


Co-Chairs (1 faculty and 1 manager) elected by and from the voting comm. members


First Fridays, 10:00-11:30A.


5 Faculty reps (one each from Counseling, English, ESL, Math, and Reading), 6 Management reps (from Academic Support, Student Services and Basic Skills related areas), 3 Classified professionals reps (from Academic Support Center or Math Lab), 1 Associated Students rep

Voting Members, 2016-17

Karen Nguyen                                 Faculty/Couns                        2017-19

Bridget Kominek (Co-chair)          Faculty/Eng                             2017-19

Stefani Okonyan (short-term sub for Bridget Kominek)

Arthur Hui                                       Faculty/ESL                              2016-18

Paul Farnham                                 Faculty/Math                           2016-18

Darnell Kemp                                 Faculty/Reading                      2016-18

Olivia Veloz                                     Mgr/Academic Support          2016-17

Kristine Nikkhoo                            Mgr/Director, Basic Skills       2016-17

Lisa Campbell                                Mgr/Dean, Couns                    2016-17

Dan Willoughby                             Mgr/Dean, Hum                      2016-17

Dani Wilson                                    Mgr/Dean, Lib                         2016-17

Mark Greenhalgh                          Mgr/Dean, Math/CS               2016-17

David Sarabia                                 Class/Tutoring Ctr                  2016-17

Thydan Hyunh                               Class/Couns                            2016-17

VACANT                                          Class/Math Lab                       2016-17

VACANT                                          AS rep                                       2017-18


Resource Members
Carlos Ayon (Director, Institutional Research & Planning), Gil Contreras (Vice President of Student Services),

José Ramón Núñez (Vice President of Instruction), Rod Garcia (Vice President of Administrative Services)


Joint Faculty Senate / President’s Advisory Council

Student Success Committee

Mission and Purpose

The Student Success Committee (SSC) was created in fall 2011 by mutual agreement of the President and the Faculty Senate to provide leadership, advocacy, and the institutional guidance and vision for coordinating campus-wide student success efforts affecting basic skills, transfer, Career Technical Education, completion, diversity and equity at Fullerton College.

With the support and collaboration of the entire campus community, the committee will investigate issues, gather and share information and data, consult with constituencies, and serve as a repository of knowledge and the catalyst for student success and completion activities on campus.  Engaging in this process, the SSC will prioritize and offer solutions, recommend resources, and evaluate effectiveness using appropriate indicators of student success.  The Basic Skills Committee (BSC), Student Equity Committee, Campus Diversity Committee, and Student Success and Support Program Committee (SSSP) are all advisory to the SSC.

The Student Success Committee will consult with divisions, departments, areas, formal committees, ad hoc advisory groups, and others as needed to achieve its mission.  All members of the college community will be valuable resources and participants in this project.

This group will meet on a regular basis as a whole body.  In order to plan and implement these efforts, the SSC will periodically request the formation of ad hoc advisory groups, as needed.  Faculty representatives will bring division concerns to the committee and take a leadership role in forming advisory groups when necessary.  The committee will be co-chaired by a faculty member and administrator.  The Executive Committee will work with the Vice President, Instruction to coordinate the workings of the committee.  The committee reports to the Faculty Senate and the President’s Advisory Council.


Full Committee Composition

(Terms determined by electing body.  2-year terms recommended with reappointment possible.)

10 faculty members, 1 from each division

Note:  Unfilled positions will be filled by at-large faculty reps.

8 managers with assignments supporting committee activities, minimum 3 deans

4 classified staff members

4 students

Committee Liaisons

(May be faculty members, managers, classified staff members, or students drawn from the above representatives, or may be additional voting members)

Student Equity Committee Liaison

Diversity Committee Liaison

Basic Skills Committee Liaison

Staff Development Committee Liaison

Student Success and Support Program Liaison

Executive Committee

(Drawn from the above membership, elected to 2-year terms by the committee, with reelection possible.)

2 Co-Chairs:  Faculty member and manager

3 At-large Executive Committee representatives (selected by the committee to ensure broad representation of Basic Skills, Transfer, CTE, faculty, classified, managers, and students)

Resource Members (non-voting)

Vice President of Instruction, Vice President of Student Services, Director of Institutional Research and Planning

Voting Members, spring 2016

Dani Wilson (co-chair)*                 Dean/Library Resources                      2016-18

Anna Carlin                                     Faculty/Bus/CIS                                      2018-19

Lorena Marquez (co-chair)*           Faculty/Couns                                        2016-18

David Lopez                                    Faculty/Fine Arts                                    2016-18

Lindsay Whiting                             Faculty/Hum                                           2018-20

Val Macias                                       Faculty/Lib                                              2017-19

Ketan (Kenny) Shah                       Faculty/Math/CS                                    2017-19

Chris Fernandez                            Faculty/Nat Sci                                        2018-20

Dr. Ann Doty                                   Faculty/PE                                               2016-18

Ricardo Salas                                  Faculty/Soc Sci                                       2016-18

Adrianna Currie                             Faculty/Tech/Eng                                   2018-20

Mark GreenHalgh                          Dean, Math/CS                                       2014-16

Nick Karvia                                      Director, Bookstore                               2014-16

Stewart Kimura                              Sub for Dean, Couns                             2014-16

Dan Willoughby*                           Dean, Hum                                              2015-17

Kristine Nikkhoo                            Director, Basic Skills                              2014-16

Rena Martinez Stluka                    Registrar, A&R                                       2014-16

VACANT                                           Dean, CTE                                               2015-17

Olivia Veloz                                     Director, Ac Supp Ctr                            2014-16

Derek Vergara                                Dean, Student Support Serv               2016-17

Jennifer Merchant*                       Class/Couns

VACANT                                           Class

VACANT                                           Class

VACANT                                          Class

Jeanne Costello                             Staff Development rep                         2014-16

Bridget Kominek                           Basic Skills Comm rep                          2014-16

Deb Perkins                                   Student Equity Comm rep                   2014-16

Jennifer LaBounty                        Diversity Comm rep                              2016-17

James Hohbein                            AS rep                                                      2015-17

VACANT                                        AS rep                                                       2017-18

VACANT                                        AS rep                                                       2017-18

VACANT                                        AS rep                                                       2017-18

*Executive Committee members

Resource Members

Carlos Ayon (Director, Institutional Research & Planning, Gil Contreras (Vice President, Student Services), José Ramón Núñez (Vice President, Instruction), Stewart Kimura (SSSP Resource)


Joint Faculty Senate / President’s Advisory Council

Institutional Integrity Committee


The Institutonal Integrity Committee regularly evaluates and makes recommendations on the College’s policies, processes, practices, procedures, and publications in order to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the College’s planning and decision-making process and its alignment with the College’s mission.

Functions include

Review the College’s mission, vision, core values, and goals

Review the College’s processes, practices, and procedures

Review College publications to assure integrity in all representations of its mission, programs, and services

Analyze Institutional Student Learning Outcome (ISLO) data to inform program and institutional decision making

Monitor minimum performance standards

Monitor changes in accreditation standards and trends

Coordinate when relevant with the Program Review Committee

Other items as the Committee sees necessary

Reporting structure

The Committee will report its findings to the Faculty Senate and President’s Advisory Council (PAC).


Director of the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP)

One faculty member elected by voting members of the committee for a 2-year term


2nd and 4th Tuesday, 1:00-3:00P

Members (2-year terms)

6 Faculty reps (elected by Faculty Senate, with no more than 2 members per academic division; one faculty member becomes co-chair), 3 Management reps, 3 Classified professional reps, 3 Associated Students reps

Resource Members

As determined by the Committee

Voting Members

Carlos Ayon (Co-chair)                   Director, OIRP

Danielle Fouquette (Co-chair)      Faculty/Hum                         2018-20

Josh Ashenmiller                            Faculty/Soc Sci                      2018-20

Beatriz Villa, sub for Josh A.         Faculty/Hum                         Spring 2019

Mike Mangan                                 Faculty/Hum                         Spring 2019

Andrew Clifton                               Faculty/Math/CS                   2018-20

Jessica Garcia                                 Faculty/Couns                       Spring 2019

Michelle Gomez-Velasquez         Faculty/Bus/CIS                    2017-19

VACANT                                           Faculty                                   2017-19

David Grossman                            Manager/PE

Elaine Lipiz Gonzalez                    Manager/Student Services

Lisa McPheron                               Director, Office of Campus Communications

Shauna Fisher                                Classified/Tech/Eng Div

Michael Gieck                                 Classified/OIE

Melissa Serrato                              Classified/Tech/Eng Div

Annika Thompson                         Associated Students

Hanna Worthington                      Associated Students

Resource Members

Gil Contreras (Vice President, Student Services), José Ramón Núñez (Vice President, Instruction), Rodrigo Garcia (Vice President, Administrative Services), Joe Carrithers (Eng), Emma Hangue (Recorder)


President’s Advisory Council / Staff Development Committee

Mission and Purpose

The Staff Development Committee is devoted to supporting the professional learning needed for Fullerton College educators—Faculty (full-time and adjunct), Classified Professionals and Managers—to improve student success.  Staff Development support should contribute to this improvement not only in individual classrooms and student support areas, but across the campus as a whole.  Staff Development believes this will best be achieved by encouraging shared learning and a culture of collaboration in order to become a truly learning-focused institution.  In order to further these goals, the Staff Development Committee determines staff development policies and priorities based on communication with constituent groups;  provides campus-wide staff development activities and workshops to meet identified needs;  disseminates Staff Development funds and facilitates shared learning following committee-funded activities;  and provides oversight and facilitates the use of the Teaching Effectiveness Center.


Designated as the Staff Development Coordinator and appointed by the Faculty Senate, 9.0 units of reassigned time.


Second and fourth Thursdays of the month, 2:00-4:00P


8 Faculty Senate Representatives, 3 Management Representatives, 2 Classified Representatives, 2 Students

Voting Members

Jeanne Costello (Chair)                                Faculty/Hum                                 2016-19

Deidre Hughes                                              Faculty/Hum                                2017-19

Flor Huerta                                                    Faculty/Couns                               2018-20

Laura Loney                                                   Faculty/Math/CS                          2017-19

Gita Nilkanth                                                  Faculty/Nat Sci                             2018-20

Miguel Powers                                               Faculty/Hum                                2017-19

Yashar Rabhar                                               Faculty/adjunct/Soc Sci              2018-20

Nicole Rossi                                                    Faculty/Math/CS                          2016-18

Cory Thomas                                                 Classified/DSS                              2014-16

Kristine Nikkhoo                                            Mgr/Director, Basic Skills

Olivia Veloz                                                     Mgr/Director, Academic Support Programs & Services

Vanessa Miller                                                Mgr/Director, Health Center

Dani Wilson                                                    Mgr/Dean, LRISPS

Resource Members

Jeanette Sorensen (Staff Development), Lisa Montagne (Distance Education), Dawnmarie Neate (Academic Computing)

President’s Advisory Council / Guided Pathways Steering Committee


(under construction)


Voting Members

Instructional Faculty (4)

Brandon Floerke                                Hum                            2018-19

Tommy Reyes                                     Tech/Eng                    2018-19

Matt Taylor                                          Hum                            2018-20

Cindy Zarske                                       Math/CS                      2018-20

Student Services Faculty (4)

Linda Kelly-Mandich                         Couns                          2018-19

Alexandria Rosales                           Couns                          2018-19

Flor Huerta                                         Couns                          2018-20

Ana Tovar                                           Couns                          2018-20


APPENDIX:  FC Faculty serving on District and other campus committees

FC Sustainability Committee (PAC committee) (elected 18-Oct 18)

Sean Chamberlin                            Nat Sci                               2018-20

Elli England                                      Hum                                   2018-20

JP Gonzalez                                      Couns                                2018-20

Aline Gregorio                                 Soc Sci                               2018-20

Tamara Trujillo                                Hum                                  2018-20


Open Educational Resources (OER) Liaison to Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) (elected 4-Oct 18)

Michelle Priest                             Nat Sci                                   2018-20


District-wide Technology Coordinating Council (TCC) (3 faculty reps, 2-yr terms) (3rd Tue, 3:30-5:00P)

Contact: Karla Garcia

Dale Craig                                   Bus/CIS                                    2018-20

Richard Smead                           Bus/CIS                                   2017-19

Gary Graves                                Bus/CIS                                   2018-20

Michelle Priest (sub for Gary)  Nat Sci                                     Fall 2018


Institutional Effectiveness Coordinating Council (IECC) (1 faculty rep, 2-yr term) (3rd Mon, 3:30-5:00P)

Contact: Annalisa Iglesias

Pete Snyder                                FC Fac Sen Past-Pres           2014-18

Josh Ashenmiller                       FC Fac Sen Pres                    2016-20

Sarah Corp                                 Hum                                       2016-18


Study Abroad Committee (3 faculty reps, 2-yr term, 2017-19) (Meets 2nd Thu, 4:00-5:00P)

Gary Graves                               Bus/CIS                                  2017-19

Kim Orlijan                                 Hum                                      2017-19

Marcus Wilson                          Bus/CIS                                  2017-19

Kim Vandervort                         Hum                                       2018-20


District-wide Enrollment Management Advisory Committee (DEMAC) (3 faculty reps, 2-yr term) (meets 1st Mon, 3:00-4:30P, Anaheim 101)

Jennifer Combs                        Couns                                     2016-19

Jake Sapiro                               Nat Sci                                    2018-20

Flor Huerta                              Couns                                      2018-20


College President’s Advisory Council (PAC) (2 faculty reps, 2-year terms plus Faculty Senate President and President-Elect (or Past President) (meets 2nd & 4th Wed, 2:00-4:00P, Room 227)

Marcus Wilson (Pres)              Bus/CIS                                  2018-20

Kim Orlijan (Pres Elect)           Hum                                      2018-21

JP Gonzalez                               Couns                                    2017-19                           

Flor Huerta                               Couns                                    2017-19

College Enrollment Management (Oversight?) Committee (PAC committee) (3 faculty reps, 2-yr term) (meets 2nd Fri. 10-11:30A)

Jennifer Combs                        Couns                                    2016-18

Flor Huerta                               Couns                                    2016-18

Gigi Blanche                             Soc Sci                                   2017-19


College Diversity Committee (2 faculty reps, 2-yr term) (1st Wed, 3-5P)

Carl Stanaway                           Fine Arts                               2016-18

Leonor Cadena                         Soc Sci                                  2017-19


College Grade Appeal Committee (2 faculty reps, 2-yr term) (meets as needed)

Toni Nielson                                  Hum                                 2018-20

Abraham Romero Hernandez    Math/CS                           2017-19


District Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee (1 faculty rep, 2-yr term) (last Thu, 3:30-5:00P, Anahiem 101A)

Leonor Cadena                            Hum                                   2018-20


District Professional Growth and Development Committee, a.k.a. the Sabbatical Committee (3 faculty reps, 2-yr term) (meets once in Feb.)

Gary Graves                               Bus/CIS                                 2016-18

Kim Orlijan                                 Hum                                      2018-20

Deborah Paige                          Soc Sci                                  2018-20


District Adjunct Faculty Hiring Procedure Workgroup (2 faculty reps, date and time TBA) (elected 2-Feb 17)

Flor Huerta                            Couns

Renee Young                        Tech/Eng


District-wide Strategic Plan 2017-20 Workgroup (1 faculty rep, 2 meetings this spring, TBA)

Abraham Romero Hernandez         Math/CS                2017-20


District Mygateway Steering Committee (1 faculty rep, last Wed 9:00A, Room 101A)

Mitch Swenson                      Hum                                  2017-19


District Adjunct Faculty Hiring Procedure Workgroup (2 faculty reps, formed Feb 2017)

Flor Huerta                             Couns

Renee Young                         Tech/Eng


District Strategic Plan 2017-2020 Workgroup (1 faculty rep, formed Feb 2017)

Josh Ashenmiller                Soc Sci


District Educational Technology Steering Team (ETST) (1 faculty rep, 2-yr term) (meets 4th Thu, 4-5P, Anaheim 100-B)

Monica Lee                           Fine Arts                            2016-18


District Innovation Fund Workgroup (1 faculty rep, Spring 2017)

Janaki Parikh                       Soc Sci


Comprehensive Management Evaluation Committees, 2017-18

Cindy Grein, Manager, Bursar’s Office/Campus Accounting:  Marcus Wilson (Bus/CIS)

Larry Lara, Director, Physical Plant/Facilities:  Pete Snyder (PE)

Steve Selby, Director, Campus Safety:  Ruth Sipple (Couns)

José Ramón Núñez, Vice President of Instruction:  Danielle Fouquette (Hum)

Lisa Campbell, Dean of Counseling:  Jennifer Combs (Couns)

Albert Abutin, Dean of Admissions & Records:  Flor Aguilera Huerta (Couns)

Doug Benoit, Dean of Business/CIS, and Economic & Workforce Development: Dale Craig (Bus/CIS)

Richard Hartman, Dean of Natural Sciences: Jake Sapiro (Nat Sci)

Ken Starkman, Dean of Technology & Engineering: Julie Patel (Tech/Eng)

Greg Ryan, Director of Financial Aid: Joe Carrithers (Hum)


Social Sciences Dean Hiring Committee (2-Nov 17): Moe Abdel Haq, Jodi Balma, Karen Markley, Kelly Nelson-Wright

Administrative Assistant III Hiring Committee (1-Mar 18): Josh Ashenmiller (Soc Sci)

Counseling Dean Hiring Committee (19-Apr 18): Jennifer Combs, Jon-Michael Hattabaugh, Linda Kelly-Mandich, Ruth Sipple

Director of EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs Hiring Committee (18-Oct 18): Cristina Arellano-Duenas (Couns), Arnette Edwards (Couns)

Umoja Special Projects Manager Hiring Committee (18-Oct 18): Arnetta Smith (Soc Sci)


2018-19 Senate Executives

Josh Ashenmiller (Soc Sci), President

Mike Baker (Nat Sci), Treasurer

Jennifer Combs (Couns), Curriculum Chair

Heather Halverson (Couns), Secretary

Kim Orlijan (Hum), President-elect

Marcus Wilson (Bus/CIS), Interim President (Spring 2019, when Josh is on Study Abroad)